6 Of 10 Malaysians Agree That High Prices Drive The Tobacco Black Market

BAT Malaysia’s survey finds Malaysians want and support urgent Government action to recover leakages


Bukit Damansara, 3 September 2020 – British American Tobacco (Malaysia) Berhad (BAT Malaysia) today unveiled the results of its second nationwide survey, conducted as part of the Company’s STOP THE BLACK MARKET campaign.


Key findings of the survey include:

  • 67% of Malaysians believe the black market, of which illegal tobacco is a significant
    component, is at crisis levels, severely impacting Malaysia’s economy;
  • 66% believe the Government needs to urgently recover the RM5 billion lost to the
    tobacco black market annually;
  • A strong majority of Malaysians (64%) believe that the high price of goods, including
    cigarettes is a key factor driving people to the black market;
  • Three-quarters of all respondents (75%) support the Malaysian Government in introducing measures to stop the black market in the 2021 Budget; and
  • 8 out of 10 (79%) Malaysians agree that more enforcement is required, in terms of
    increasing border security and better monitoring of products imported and exported.



Jonathan Reed, Managing Director of BAT Malaysia said:

“From the survey results and feedback we have received, Malaysians are calling for urgent action to reduce the price of some goods, to help stop the black market.


This likely comes from concerns they have on job security and income stability amidst the on-going Covid19 crisis. Any efforts made by the Government to plug the leakage, and take back lost revenue in the upcoming 2021 Budget, would be supported by Malaysians.


“This can only be achieved through a comprehensive approach, with the Government using all the tools at its disposal,” Reed concluded.


The nationwide survey was commissioned by BAT Malaysia in August 2020, consisting of an online survey of around 2,000 Malaysian adults.


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